Upcycling agricultral waste in Africa: The Cashew Apple

The cashew apple

Did you know, that on top of each cashew kernel there is an apple that weighs 5-10 times more than the kernel?
The cashew apples contain high concentrations of antioxidants and polyphenols, e.g. five times more vitamin C than an orange!

Food waste in the cashew industry

Africa accounts for 40 % of the worlds production of raw cashew nuts. This leaves the continent with 16 million tons of cashew apples each year. In most African countries, the cashew apples are considered waste and are left on the fields to rot, despiste of its nutritinal properties and exotic taste.

Increase income of farmers

Currently, being a small-scale farmer can hardly make a living. Due to lack of knowledge, transport costs and corruption, farmers receive very low prices for their produce. Image if farmers could increase their income significantly just by using the resources that are already there?

Turning waste into valuable ingredients

We want to turn this current waste steam into valuable ingredients, connecting the farmers with the erupean market. In Europe there is an increasing demands for social resposible and sustainable food ingredients.

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